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Monday, 16 January 2012

Photos from the weekend

This is a Costa Rican Owl Butterfly next to my hand. My hand is not small.
    Not much happened this weekend. It was beautiful, not rainy, so we went to the park, and went to the lookout where all the tourists go. We fed ducks and did lots of family stuff.

   We went to Stanley Park yesterday because the park staff were giving a talk on raccoons. Let me tell you something about those little black-masked bastards - they're smart, have opposable thumbs, and can problem solve. If they figure out how to unlock your raccoon-proof garbage can, they will somehow teach that skill to other raccoons in the neighbourhood. I can almost see three hundred years in the future, where we're all retarded internet denizens, completely insensate, and human-sized raccoons are harvesting our physical bodies for meat. I bet we taste pretty good to something that considers stale cookies and stolen dogfood a treat.

Feeding ducks and an American Coot.
A lovely scene that belies their violence.
That view I mentioned. Please click.
 My wife parked the van while I took the two boys on a hike around Lost Lagoon. The older one was being a twit and holding back, so I texted my wife to keep an eye out for him and took the younger one along the path.

  There was a sharp, rippling shriek, and a bestial hiss from the bushes by the shore. We went closer; I imagined that a skunk or raccoon had taken on a goose for a challenge.

  We looked into the bushes. Some idiot had taken a large box of cream-filled cookies and dogfood and put it in the bushes. Two enormously fat raccoons were stuffing their faces.

  Later on, the park staff complained to us that the Stanley Park raccoons had become diurnal (active during  the day) and were at risk of becoming diabetic from all the sweets they were eating (this is a downtown park). I'm not worried about them. They're becoming like us and one day they're going to want a twitter feed. They just want  piece of the action.


  1. My, what big hands you have. I agree with Megan; those are gorgeous photos, especially the last one when it's enlarged. I have a niece and nephew who are the same age(s) as your sons.

    P.S.- Your son's look like they're peeing into the water, lol.

  2. The butterfly is from the rainforest room at the vancouver aquarium. Those things are not native to vancouver, even if some people grow non-fruiting banana plants in their backyard gardens.

    If you peed into Lost Lagoon, you'd probably improve the water quality.