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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The First Clip - Twilight: Breaking Dawn

   And here it is - Clearly, Edward and Bella have booked the Hymen Asunder De-Virgining Suite at the Club Med Cancun. It's clean and serene, with cotton loungers and a gleaming, varnished hardwood floor. Despite all this, Bella looks like she has more than a little performance anxiety.

    And really, look at this place. The pure white bed, the softly winding French doors- I'm just not sure why there isn't a bellhop waiting by their suitcases for a tip. Edward had to carry both Bella and his luggage? Is he on a budget?

  I've only ever seen the first movie (It was so-so), but I'm fascinated by the Twilight phenom. Yes, it's all about the scary subject of sex: you know you want it, but it will tarnish you forever if you do it. But it's so hot and Edward is such a doll! But what will my parents say? But what will my mother say because I'm single, forty, and have an Edward Cullen toilet snuggle? I get it that teen girls eat this stuff up, but that doesn't explain the adult women who would rape the jeans right off that poor Robert Pattinson.


  1. lol this had me laughing - I actually like the books, but don't care for the movies as much... however, I'm really curious to see how they do the whole mutant baby thing... ;) I shared a link to your post on my blog today:

  2. Darn it , Jess! A Twilight fan leaves a nice note and now I feel like a meanie!

    Come to think of it, I should be more charitable to a series that has brought so much cash to my town... but these movies make it too easy.

  3. I laughed my a$$ off at 'Hymen Asunder De-Virgining Suite'. I'm not a fan of this series. I've only read the first book and I want my $8 back. I didn't care for the film either. I thought the book was silly. But I have poor taste in books and film so who am I to judge?

  4. Not poor taste, Terri. I've read your reviews and you're no pushover. The book reviews, anyway ; ).

  5. Ha, no, a pushover I ain't.