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Monday, 6 February 2012

The new OKGo video : Needing/Getting

This band is amazing. From their first smash viral hit, A Million Ways, they've been at the forefront of inventive visuals. They usually get a grant to fund their work, and then release it into the wild. This time they've persuaded Chevy to fork out the money. The payoff? They use a Chevy van in this video, and the emblem is front and centre.

They swear they've used only inventiveness and hard work to accomplish the impossible feats of synchronicity and timing in their past works. I don't believe them; I think they've used some sort of of editing or computer trickery to fix the glitches. In this new video, they appear to be doing the impossible: chaos theory and Murphy's Law should have made this video a bust.

Whatever the truth is, Chevy has a new product placement that is cheaper and a billion times more inventive and effective than paying Will Smith five million bucks to say a few lines, and OKGo has a new video. Enjoy, and if you can figure out how they hell they did this, let me know.


  1. I'm not a fan of the band but this is a pretty cool video. The only problem is that it does look like a car commercial.

    Is this the type of music you like? What are your favorite bands?

  2. I'm a huge radiohead fan. I think they're awesome and Thom Yorke us a flippin genius. But I don't listen to them as much as I used to. I also like The Black Keys a fair bit; they're old-school blues-rock and it's refreshing to hear.

    Right now I'm listening to an absolutely brilliant band from Newfoundland called 'Hey Rosetta!' They sound like Coldplay, U2, and Arcade Fire, but better. Go in Youtube and look for these three of their songs: 'Yer Spring', 'Red Song', and 'Bandages'. They make me proud to be a Maritimer, even if they don't sound at all Maritime - none of this silly drinking-song, jig-dancing celtic crap that I grew up with and soon became tired of.

    And yes, I like OKgo. But really for their videos. Look them up; this video is only the latest in a long line of videos which are always pushing the limits of physics.